3 August 2007

State Of The Union Address

I was going to do this at 100 posts, but forgot. Now I'll do it at 115 posts. Yeah, I know, I promised I was out until Tuesday. This time it's really my last post until Tuesday. Promise.

First the basics.
  • Blog started March 16th, 2007
  • First day visitors-37
  • Total visitors since March 16th, 2007- 29,465
  • Lowest visitors day- 19 on April 28th, 2007
  • Highest visitors day- 9,918 on July 26th, 2007 (thank you Gorilla Mask)
Now some article stats.
And the top 10 Google keyword search term referrals.
  • 'Infiniti M37'
  • 'Infiniti FX50'
  • 'The Mags Report blogspot'
  • 'Nissan 370Z'
  • 'Infiniti EX25'
  • 'Transformers sucked'
  • 'Ford Twin Force'
  • '2009 Infiniti Q50'
  • '2008 Corvette pricing'
  • '2008 Cadillac CTS'
Some very odd Google keyword searches that resulted in blog hits.
  • 'caricatures Carroll Shelby'
  • 'admiral viscen' (WTF?)
  • 'worlds largest piece of crap' (referring to the site or a car, I'm not sure)
  • 'transformers sucked?' (I guess this searcher wasn't sure)
  • 'tiptronic machismo' (bitter anti-Porsche person)
  • 'les tripe de jackasses' (a French person who doesn't like me?)
  • 'gmc acadia is a pig' (Toyota dealer?)
  • 'mags gmi' (ha!)
The top 5 referring sites.
After that, it gets extremely dorky. As if this wasn't already.
  • IE is used by 47% of visitors. Firefox by 44%. Safari by 6%.
  • Windows is used by 88% of visitors. Mac OS by 11%. Linux by 0.66%.
  • Average time on the site is 6 minutes and 52 seconds.
So that's that. The good news is that the site is doing great and I want to thank all the contributors for being a part of this little project (even the lazy ones). The bad news is.... umm... there is no bad news.

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69Firebird400 said...

Sorry the world didn't like my road sign article. :)