31 July 2007

Diesel Accord To Get 62 MPG?

So it's not gospel yet, but an intrepid listener at The Car Lounge reports that radio host Paul Harvey had the following information on the next generation Accord, which will have a diesel engine option at some point. Further info as well at CNET News.

  • Runs as clean as a Prius
  • Gets 62.8 MPG
  • Is bio-diesel compatible
The big question- mixed or highway driving? But then again, that number is impressive either way. Probably the even bigger question- how much?

The most interesting story in the automotive industry during the next 5 years will be which technology for greater fuel economy wins out. Will it be some variant of the Prius as we know it right now? Toyota has the overwhelming lead in the market, and is just hitting their stride. Will it be something like the Volt from GM? I'd think battery technology will have to make some incredible strides for that to be a possibility in the near future. Or will it be diesel? Honda among others, has essentially thrown their hat into this ring, and with almost daily advances in diesel tech, plus the availability of clean disel in North America, it might be an option.

Or will it be a mixture of all of them? A plug in hybrid based on the Prius that has battery tech from the Volt that can run on diesel (or biodiesel).


69Firebird400 said...

I think the 62.8 mpg figure comes from Autocar, which Autoblog linked here: http://www.autoblog.com/2007/06/06/new-accord-diesel-to-hit-60-mpg/

The 62.8 is imperial miles per gallon, so that's about 52 US miles per gallon. Still impressive, though!

SobeSVT said...

Down here in Miami there are about 5 Low Sulfur Diesel stations, so I guess that that kind of fuel economy comes handy . . .