31 July 2007

Profiles In Coolness

Alexis Stewart. Martha's daughter that is. She drives an Aston Martin DB9 and is a Skip Barber alumnus... how cool is that? She's about 40 years old but still looks HOT, I mean for those who like that. She co-hosted the "Whatever" radio show on her mom's Sirius station with another old bimbo and guest stars every once in a while on the Howard Stern Show where she curses like a sailor and describes herself as "cunty", we guess to embarrass her mom in public. To top it all she owns a co-op in the Tribeca area. Did I mention she drives a DB9?

Eat your heart out Paris, you are too dumb to ever be this cool, and she is not an ex-con... just the daughter of one. I like your SLR better than her DB9 though.

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