3 August 2007

The Pontac G6 Is Being Treated Like A Red Headed Stepchild

Almost one year after handing over the keys to my G6 GT, I decided to take a gander at the 2008 ordering lists to see if GM had decided to rectify any of the numerous shortcomings that the vehicle possessed.

A review of those shortcomings:

  • Brutal looking center stack.
  • Horrifically bad head unit for the stereo.
  • An utter lack of storage space.
  • Chrometech wheels standard on GT versions.
  • 4 speed automatic in everything short of a GTP.
The vehicle, having been released in 2004, was due for at least a refresh, right? Especially in light of the fact that the Malibu and Aura have upped the ante for GM midsizers.

So what did I see what I visited the 2008 ordering list?

  • The same stereo head unit.
  • The same center stack.
  • The same lack of storage space.
  • The same wheel options.
  • The same 4 speed automatic in everything short of the GXP (no more GTP).
On the plus side, here ARE the changes made:

  • All the airbags are finally standard.
  • ABS and traction control are now standard across the board.
  • Some new colours replacing some old colours.
  • Shitty GT and GXP appearance packages available.
  • Minor package changes.

I'm in awe of the stupidity at play here. The Aura and the 9-3, two other vehicles based off of the Epsilon architecture, have received generous helping of refinement and improvements. And both sell jack squat. The G6, a true volume seller for GM (albeit mainly to fleet at this point) receives bupkiss. Nothing except some basic safety upgrades. In fact, the EASIEST change, the center stack and the radio issue, has been neglected as well for some reason.

Is GM really trying to kill Pontiac? Is there some exec at the Ren Center who has seen Saw a few too many times?

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'red head step child' is overused, not funny, and cliche'. Think of something original!!

Red Headed here, but not a stepchild,