7 June 2007

The Mags Report- We're Hiring

We're, and by we're, I mean, 'I', am looking for people who want to write about cars, the car industry, and other stuff pertaining to cars. Simple as that. A one man show is good for the ego, but bad for site updates. Compensation is lacking, but you will get the benefit of being read by 100's upon 100's of people ever day. That's right, The Mags Report is rolling triple digit styles.

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New Cadillac Innovation- Push Button Start Without A Button That You Turn That Is Located On The Steering Column

From the venerable GM Inside News-
The new CTS has an optional smart-key system called EasyKey. EasyKey enables all of the doors, the trunk and the ignition to be operated without a mechanical key. The car senses when the key fob (while in your pocket, purse, etc) is close to the car and performs the needed operation.

However, unlike the keyless-start systems that the imports use, the 2008 CTS has a circular dial on the steering column (taking the same hole as the regular ignition). In order to start the car, you just turn the small dial as you would with a traditional ignition/key. "This makes sense on numerous levels. . . it even replicates the familiar turning motion all of us are used to for starting a car," said Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell. Cadillac claims they have placed the starter on the steering column because it makes more sense, as that is where traditional ignitions are located and to avoid disrupting the flow of the dash design.

So let's get this straight. The first pictures that came out definitely showed a regular key sticking out of the steering column. Now, after hearing all of the bitching and moaning, they decide to rectify the issue, and their solution is a half assed one, as per the MO of the General. Installing technology found on Suzuki Grand Vitaras into a vehicle that is supposed to represent the once again new Cadillac direction. It's not even a matter of whether or not push button starting is worthwhile or not- it's the whole ostrich head in the ground thing they got going on. It's 'the familiar turning motion'?? It 'avoids disrupting the flow'??? It all reads like an Onion parody.

What's most amusing is that Caddy has this stuff in their parts bin already, and refuse to use it- the STS has had push button starting for years now.

Next week, Cadillac will be announcing that the new CTS has an all new digital automatic climate control system that requires user input every 15 minutes or so via analog switchgear that replicates the familiar sliding motion of regular climate controls.