9 July 2007

This Nissan Sunny Picture Predicted The Future Of The Altima

In news that may only interest me....

Carscoop says:

Nissan’s best selling 2007 US-model, the Altima is being recalled due to a problem with the air-filter that could result to a fire in the engine bay. More specifically, the recall affects 140.852 cars equipped with the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine.

How fantastic!

You know why?

They already HAD a massive recall on the last generation 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Remember, the one that fixed the manifolds that had a propensity for blowing up? I actually had one of those manifold eating engines- a 2005 if I remember right... but luckily it was before the recall- they did fix it under warranty, but they also were quite the pricks about it. And now this.

See, the Toyota recall of the Tundra engine was crappy, but at least it was an all new design, and it seemed to be an outsourced part that caused it. This on the other hand, is another problem on an engine that has been out in one form or another in the Altima for close to SIX years now.

Hey Nissan- pull your heads out of your asses.


Anonymous said...

Ummm there is nothing wrong with the engine, its the air filter, which is also an outsourced part like the Tundra you tried to defend. Lets try and est. some credibility and not show bias.

Mags said...

Last I checked, I DRIVE an Altima daily.

And last I checked, the air filter is a part of the way the engine functions.

The point about the Tundra (a truck I dislike) is that it was a clean sheet design with issues- Nissan shouldn't be running into problems with something that they CLEARLY should know about by now.

Anonymous said...

And my point is that Nissan itself didn't develope the air filter. Its sourced from an outside vendor, which overlooked the problem that now is affecting the Altima and Nissan has to take the responsibility, just like Toyota. And because an engine is new does not save face for a development flaw be it Nissan or Toyota.