10 July 2007

Chrysler Headlights And Signal Lights Are Like Matter And Anti-Matter

It's been something that has bugged me for years, and I've never been given a good answer for it.

Have you ever noticed that EVERY Chrysler vehicle shuts off a headlight when a signal light is flashing? Picture it in your head- the Caravan above is driving around with its headlights on, and comes to a stop sign and wants to turn right. The driver signals the right turn, and the right headlamp goes off while the signal light flashes. Once the signal light shuts off, the headlight goes back on to normal. This happens with daytime running lights too. And it's not limited to vehicles that have both lights in one housing- it doesn't matter, and it happens to every single Chrysler vehicle- Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, you name it.

So, why does it do this?

Some have postulated that it has to do with minimum distances for lights in the law- but that doesn't hold weight, because lots of other cars have similar setups to Chrysler vehicles, and they don't exhibit the same behaviour.



69Firebird400 said...

Interesting - I've never noticed this in the US, because our Chryslers don't have DRLs.

I know the GMC Jimmy/Olds Bravada (which shared a headlight shape from 1998-2001 or so) abandoned the DRLs for a period of time when they were told the minimum distance wasn't enough, then the workaround was the turning headlights off with turn signals thing.

I agree, it's very odd. I'd be annoyed if my car did that.

Buick61 said...

I've never noticed that.

What I did notice was that everytime I put on my blinker on my 300C, the windshield wipers would engage. It only happened if you had the rainsense wipers activated. They kept having software updates to solve that problem, but none of them worked.