18 July 2007

The New Porsche Panamera Reminds Me Of Arnold Schwarzenegger For Some Odd Reason

Resemblance to a previous generation Lexus GS? Check.
Horrifically ricey rear wing? Check.
Weird growth on the ass end? Triple check.

If anyone other than Porsche was looking to release this vehicle, it would get savaged. But since it's Porsche, the German fetishists are having a field day about how great this looks. Give me a break.


69Firebird400 said...

Believe me, I'm all for knocking Porsche's ego down a notch or two, but I think this purplish one is pretty heavily disguised. If the production version looks that tacky and ridiculous, they deserve everything they get, but I think the Lexus GS resemblance is just decals and whatnot. For their sake, I hope so. BTW, the front end of this one looks like a previous-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse. Esteemed company, indeed.

A.G Kowalski said...

The only Panamera photos we've seen are spy-shots of test-mules heavily disguised under plastic body cladding which gives the car a very bloated and ungainly look. And yet somehow, he already managed to give his verdict on a car that will be launched in 2009 just by looking at photo of a heavily-disguised test-mule.

Unless, of course, you two have seen something that we haven't. Do you guys have a photo of the Panamera undisguised?

69Firebird400 said...

Kowalski, where did I indicate that I saw one undisguised? My comment indicated that I think the problem with the styling Mags commented on was a disguised test mule.

Laurent said...

Judging a car by its test mule disguise is not really useful.