19 June 2007

2008 Corvette Pricing Announced

Well, another Corvette article this week...

Rick "Corvette" Conti, a Corvette specialist at EVS Chevrolet in Random Lake, WI, posted the 2008 Corvette pricing on his website today. To me, as a Corvette enthusiast (and wannabe owner), the most pressing questions about 2008 Corvette pricing were:
  1. How much will the base price increase, with the new LS3 6.2 liter engine?
  2. How much will the 4LT/3LZ trim package cost (leather wrapped dash/trim)?
  3. How much will the performance Z06-style exhaust cost?
Well, the news was actually pretty good. GM was prudent to keep the price increase relatively modest, in light of falling Corvette sales for 2007 versus 2006.

The base price (including destination) increased from $45,075 to $45,995, which is an increase of $920, or 2.0%. Included in the base price is a 7.5% horsepower increase (400 to 430) and standard XM and OnStar.

The 4LT/3LZ trim package, which includes everything the 3LT/2LZ packages (last year's top trim levels) get, plus the leather wrapped dash and door panel trim, adds $3,500 to the price of a 3LT/2LZ. Motor Trend predicted that it would cost $4,000 to $5,000, and said that those prices were worth it, so I guess $3,500 is reasonable. I don't plan on considering it if I get a new one, though...the budget would already be stretched pretty thin.

The NPP performance Z06-style exhaust, which adds 6 horspower for a total of 436, costs $1,195, which is about what I was expecting it to cost. No matter how good it sounds at wide open throttle, I don't think $1,195 for 6 horsepower is worth it to me.

The nice thing about XM and OnStar being standard in the base 1LT Corvette for 2008 is that, since they were previously standard in the 3LT, the price of a 3LT with no other options goes up only $480, from $50,020 to $50,500. That's only an 0.9% increase.

Kudos to GM for continuing to build a [relatively] affordable sports car! Now, fix the attitude of your Chevy dealers who don't let people test drive them.

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