17 June 2007

2009 Nissan 370Z/400Z/WhateverZ?

The good people at GT Channel Auto News have this picture and are calling it the next gen Nissan Z car. I'll refrain from calling it a number at this point, because who knows what they're going to do with it- will it have a neutered (see: non turbo) version of whatever they're sticking under the hood of the GT-R, or will it have the exact same 3.7 VQ found in the forthcoming G37 Coupe? At this point, I have no idea.

Regardless, it's a nice looking evolution, and I know it sounds stupid to say this from just a picture, but it LOOKS smaller- which would fit the mule pictures from last week of what appeared to be a shortened 350Z on a track doing some testing.

We will see.


69Firebird400 said...

It looks VERY evolutionary, similar to the way the Altima and G35 have evolved. Maybe too evolutionary. I'm looking forward to the interior improvements, because if it's improved to the magnitude that the Altima and G were, it will be really nice.

Anonymous said...

Pointless. The 350Z is already perfect looking and there is no need for a body change or shortening the car. i was reading another review about shortening it and it is making it look like a tiny little roadster instead of a high class looking sports car. i think they should just leave the car as it is and throw in the 3.7L engine that is going in the G37. I do not like wat they are doing the Z. the concept looks like a spaceship but ya i know thats wat all the concepts look like and shortening it is just a flat out stupid idea. At least wait till like 2011 or 2012 to change it.

Anonymous said...

nice....whats the back look like or the inside?