28 March 2007

Eddie Griffin- Future Academy Award Winner?

Everyone and their mother has seen this right?

Well, this is what TMZ has to say-


Roll the video and take a close look at the guy standing next to the concrete barrier. He doesn't even flinch as the car comes near. Also, it's pretty interesting that after the crash, Griffin joked it up, saying, "Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive." This isn't the first time that one of Daniel Sadek's high-priced cars have been wrecked. During production of his movie, "Redline," two of the producer/real estate investor's expensive Porsche Carrera GTs were totaled during filming. One of the collisions was designed as a stunt. The other was an accident.
If it was a hoax, it's the greatest range Eddie Griffin has ever shown as an actor in his life.


oldDood said...

Well I have never seen this until now.

Those retaining walls actually work don't they?...hehe!

Anonymous said...

fox has the crash from another angle. i highly doubt that it was fake.