28 March 2007

The 2008 Cadillac STS, aka The 2008 Cadillac 'We Don't Care About This Market Segment'

Wow. Cadillac has really outdone themselves this time. After actually deciding that the luxury buyer deserves a luxury interior, and appointing the 2008 CTS and 2007 Escalade/SRX with interiors that at least look like they belong in the segments they are competing in (and in the case of the SRX, exceeding them), Cadillac has now gone and lifted their hind leg on the their flagship luxury sedan.

They've managed to make it look more boring and generic, while also making it look more geriatric via the DTS clone front end. Save me the platitudes about the familial resemblance to the CTS in the front end. It's a tenuous connection at best. Following the lead of younger brother CTS, Cadillac designers have done almost nothing rear of the A-pillar as well. But wait you say- the interior was what always needed work done in the past STS.Well there you have it. The piece de resistance. An MCE so thorough and so exciting that the entire earth is trembling beneath our feet. Surely, a new steering wheel, and a bit more brightwork was all that was needed, no? Oh wait, how could I forget the new dash shapes, that somehow make it look like Cadillac is trying to emulate the horrific new Lincoln interiors?

What's most sad about all of this is that Caddy has a perfectly good and modern new STS interior... but they're using it overseas in China right now.


After all the brouhaha about a 'new' GM, the 'old' GM rears its head again. Add in the 'new' Buick lineup, which is essentially a bunch of V8s thrown into subpar vehicles along with huge and garish grilles, and NYIAS is not exactly turning out to be a game changing show for General Motors.


69Firebird400 said...

Think it's a cost issue that caused them to decide not to use the Chinese SLS interior in the 2008 STS? Even if it is, Lutz in the past claimed to have understood that $500 extra spent on improving an interior's design and materials might mean that a $1000+ rebate was not necessary to move metal. Typical halfassed, short-term thinking. I say this as a fan of GM, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the interiors actually look nice. What interiors do you consider to be nice? Both of those look pretty close to the same thing.