26 March 2007

Bob Lutz To The World- No Really, We're Serious, I Promise!


I knew it wouldn’t be long before the naysayers came out.

We’re not unplugging anything. We revealed the Chevrolet Volt, our electrically driven concept vehicle, to much praise at the Detroit show in January. We said we knew we had a tough challenge to see it through, but that we’re committed to the program.


I’ve said before that this is not a publicity stunt, but it’s as if people don’t want to believe it if we give them anything short of a guarantee of Volt delivery… with an exact date, time and sticker price.
So speaketh Sir Bob The Magnificent, so proclaimeth the nattering masses that call themselves GM diehards.

When Lutz gets defensive like this, one has to laugh. For all of his business acumen and past creative genius, the man has a serious chip on his shoulder. What were the odds that he would portray the reporting of the words of HIS OWN PEOPLE as being some sort of biased mandate by the journalists of this world? Slam dunk guaranteed, and the man didn't disappoint. It's become the new mantra at GM- us against the world, even when we're the ones who've gotten ourselves into this mess.

Bob- no one would have demanded build dates and such from GM if YOU AND YOUR STAFF hadn't opened your traps about a 2010 target. No one would have reported about GM backing off of their Volt hype if you all hadn't told the press to temper their Volt expectations. See where this is going?

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you Bob. I suggest you look there first. There is not witch hunt against GM- make a decent product like the Lambdas, or a spectacular product like the Z06, and the witch hunt somehow ceases. Flap your gums in the wind like a flowing American flag, and you'll get called for it.


Slack said...

The above comment comes from an anonymous person. Its easy to call names when you hide. Mags is right on all points. Reminds me of the old Chinese proverb, "GM could fuck up a wet dream."

Buick61 said...

There are varying degress of anonymity. Surely you understand that, right?

Shady said...

Anonymous said...
Especially funny considering Lutz has his own fighter jet and helicopter while Mags has an Altima and a few turntables.

I believe Mags also has a rabbit.

Buick61 said...

1. A few hundred posts in a forum can reveal a lot.

If you've been paying attention, you know where I live, what I do for a living, what I drive, my first name, my ancestry, who I'm dating, what I look like, where I went to college, and what sort of pet I have....which brings me to point 2....

2. I have a rabbit. What of it??

HoeyHimself said...

Bob-O really did jump the gun with the Volt and GM pretty much dug their own grave. It was a concept, and excitinf and compelling one, but none the less...it was a concept, people knew and understood that. There is no confusion with the fact that most concepts wont see the light of day, so for something like the Volt disappear in the future..it would mildly have a excuse, after all..it was just a..whats the word?? CONCEPT. But GM took it one step past concept when the planted a potential 2010 launch..it went from concept to developing product (in the public's eye)..if it doesnt have the possibility of being that, a developing product, dont give off the impression that it is!! You look worse when you promise and fail to deliver than when you make no promises and just let it get lost in the archives.