13 September 2007

Porsche Appears To Be The First To Do The Right Thing

A few weeks ago I mentioned the pricing discrepancies between vehicles in the US and Canada- in some cases, manufacturers have piggy backed on the appreciation of the Canadian dollar (or depreciation of the US dollar, depending on your point of view), and have been making bundles of money on the backs of Canadians.

Well, one auto manufacturer appears to have confronted the issue thus far, and the answer might surprise you- Porsche.

In what appears to be a first for the Canadian market, Porsche has dropped prices across their lineup from 5-8%. Curiously, instead of touting it and bringing it to the attention of their buyers, they're calling it a 'market adjustment' instead. What does this mean in hard numbers? Basically, the Boxster drops from a base price of $63,000 CDN to a base price of $58,000 CDN. A 911 will cost you at a minimum about $94,000 instead of the cool $100,000 it did before.

So in response to this, what do I propose? A complete boycott of all automakers in Canada except for Porsche. 911 Turbos for everybody!

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