13 September 2007

Memo To Porsche From Nissan- "Here's Your Daddy"

Source: Autoblog

The GT-R will be impressive when it debuts in just a couple of months, and from the numbers, it looks like it'll give a Porsche 911 Turbo quite a run for its (big pile of) money. The horsepower figure for both cars is 480ps, and while the GT-R gives up some torque to the Porsche, the GT-R rips off equally quick dashes to 100 km/h (3.9 seconds) and has been designed with vehicular balance as an overarching theme.
Okay, so it's all still rumour at this point. And at a rumoured weight of 3800 pounds, it's probably not going to eat the world for lunch as was rumoured a few years ago. But still, the rumours are continuing to point at the upcoming GT-R as essentially an AWD Japanese Z06 equivalent. And that's not bad at all.

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