7 August 2007

Chrysler Brings Back Old Logo... Fails To Bring Back Any Type Of Vehicle I'd Want To Own Outside Of A Viper

The 'new' Chrysler is here to save us all. And by 'new' Chrysler, I mean the same old Chrysler minus ze Germans. Apparently 10 years behind the times, it looks like Cerebus is going to take us down nostalgia lane, unveiling the old Pentastar logo again but dressed up and looking all Mac OSX-like with it's anodized aluminum style.

Up next? Renaming the Sebring the Reliant, and changing the Crossfire to the Laser. And let's not forget a full scale resurrection of the Eagle nameplate- but let's make it edgy and modern and call it Phoenix. Get it? Get it?

As more and more news filters out of the Cerebus camp in regards to their new toy, the more one thinks that Chrysler as company has about 3 years before all the bits and pieces start getting sold off, like what your mom did to your Voltron set 15 years ago. First, they hired former Home Depot head Robert Nardelli to run things, someone with no experience in the auto sector, but with a lot of experience at quick turnarounds. Then they released a report which indicated that China, Russia and Hyundai would all play pivotal roles in future production- a move that doesn't really seem like one geared towards quality. Finally, their director of design said interior design would play a more pivotal role going forward, which on its own sounds great, but then in the next sentence described the upcoming Caravan/Town & Country as the way they're headed.

Not exactly a reason to be optimistic.

Let's just get this over and done with now- Nissan, you can have Dodge, their trucks, their minivans, and their American capacity that you so desperately are horny for. Ford, feel free to pick up Jeep now that you're getting rid of Land Rover. As for Chrysler? If the price is right, maybe I'll put in a bid.

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