10 August 2007

The 10 Best Car Commercials Of All Time

Anyone can make a simple car commercial.

Car profile shot. Gentle voice explaining features. Maybe a few countryside driving shots. Interior pan. End on black screen with price, lease terms, and tiny tiny tiny tiny print that no one can read, nor would they ever want to.

These ads all go way beyond that.

Luckily, this ad, which could probably double as a reality film for many marriages, makes up for a lot of the crappiness of the vehicle.

Far and away my favorite car commercial of all time. What's funny is that I've never actually seen it on TV because it appears to be meant for the Euro market. Thank you interwebs. On a more serious note- could this commercial tell the story of Honda as a company any better?

She's just looking for change right?

If no torque equals no balls, don't you think a medieval castrato choir should have been used for this Honda commercial? Or at the very least, all females?

Ken obviously drives a Volvo. Or a station wagon of some sort.

How the hell did Nissan get better looking transforming robots in a commerical than the actual Transformers movie did in their 200 million dollar film?

Great for a number of reasons- continues the 'accident' campaign, references itself, and gives the finger to the critics of the commercials.

So I'm cheating a little because this is actually a Shell commercial. But can you blame me?

Basically THE commercial that launched Lexus in North America and one that almost everybody still remembers. In one fell swoop, tie yourself in with luxury and emphasize everything important about your brand. And of course, I can't find video of it anywhere.

Another one we've never gotten to see this side of the world, but still a good one- you've got an idea of what's going on, but it's all in the execution.

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Old Dood said...

Fantastic...The RAV4 one at the top was so funny Mrs Dood Snorted while she laughed.

Now GM should use the Stop light one. They should use it in a Hummer Ad...hehe! Sadly Puritanical America couldn't handle it...(SIGH)

This should make your next Anniversary Edition...