3 May 2007

Nissan Net Profit Down Fiddy Four Percent! O NOES!


TOKYO - Nissan marked its first drop in annual profit in seven years on Thursday, the first such setback under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, who salvaged the Japanese automaker from collapse. He also acknowledged Nissan would need an extra year to meet a key production target.
So they're down in net profit, but still making about 600 million a quarter instead of 1.1 billion. Oh woe is them. Grasping at straws, I've seen many claiming that Nissan is fuxxored. While making over half a billion a quarter. Digest that for a bit. At their lowest point in their 'turnaround' right now, Nissan is screwed because they 'only' made 600 billion in the quarter.

Yeah, the internet is full of idiots.

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