4 May 2007

Gas Prices Go Up- American Public Prepares For Armageddon


With gasoline already nudging record levels, at an average $2.971 a gallon, nearly three out of four Americans expect to see fuel prices surge to $3.50 over the coming summer - and more than a quarter of the country believes gasoline could top out closer to $4.00, according to a new survey.

Americans are increasingly angry and concerned, according to the survey's sponsor, the Civil Society Institute, and want to see something done. The vast majority told researchers from Opinion Research Corp. that they want sharp increases in automotive fuel economy standards, as well as new windfall profit taxes on oil companies, with the proceeds used to develop alternative fuels and to reduce dependence on unstableMideast oil supplies.

Awww. Isn't that cute? Americans are increasingly angry and concerned. Apparently however, Americans are not interested in actually doing anything about anything. Instead, they're busy organizing another gas boycott day in the middle of the month, which will be followed by the 'fill up your empty tank day' immediately the next day, and snapping up the usual assortment of SUVs, trucks, full size cars, and gas guzzling vehicles.

Much like the right to bear arms, the right to elect former cocaine users, and the right to invade any country they see fit, Americans have become accustomed to their right to cheap gas. The only problem is, that right is quickly going the way of the dodo. I can't wait to see the first news reports of idiot Escalade owners complaining about the high cost of filling up their vehicles. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, 4 and 5 dollar per gallon gasoline is the norm. Go figure.

Welcome to the real world America.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing something about it, I'm trading my car in for one thats much more practical and fuel efficient. As soon as gas hits $4 a gallon here in Califorina, which should be just a few more weeks, it'll be costing me more to fill up my car each month than it will to make a payment on a smaller car.

Rylan said...


Slack said...

I just continue driving my car that is paid for and don't give two shits about the price of gas. Having no car payment on a gas guzzler makes it easy.

Buick61 said...

Eh. I take the bus and subway as it is, so there's not much more I can do.

I mean, sure, I can get rid of a few of my V8 cars or the SUV, but I put so few miles on them, that it would be a waste of money and effort.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if gas hits 10$ a gallon I'm not changing what I drive. The price of gas has no impact on my driving habits, heck I still don't even look at the gas mileage rating of a car when I'm considering it. It's not that I have money, I'm actually quite broke at the moment, but I'm willing to pay to play.

Old Dood said...

Ahhh..Anonymous doesn't care...It doesn't have any impact on his driving habits...Wake up it will have a lot of impact on more then just filling a gas tank. There are more people in this world then just you...learn to think about others more then just yourself. your kind of thinking will come back and bite you in the ass. Commodities will rise in price since they are held hostage to fuel costs. Yes, this inpacts most of us if not all of us. Still, it could have been avoided all together if we as a arrogant nation did not go off to fight a silly war.

I have been driving 65mph daily now to and from work. It helps but it is not enough. I knew we were going to have $4.00/gallon prices this summer. Looks like it will happen too. Memorial Day is the kick off to the summer driving season. Time will tell.