18 May 2007

Honda Pulls Crap From Ass- Proclaims It To Smell Like Roses


The company that makes Canada's most popular car is so unhappy with the new federal rebate scheme to promote fuel-efficient vehicles that it is offering buyers its own sweetener to lure them to its dealerships.

Honda Canada Inc. said yesterday it would offer an incentive of $1,000 to customers who purchase or lease a new 2007 Honda Fit subcompact or a 2006 or 2007 Civic with manual transmission. Both cars are excluded from Transport Canada's list of vehicles qualifying for federal rebates under the Harper government's so-called "ecoAuto" program.

For the Americans, and probably a large percentage of Canadians that read this blog- the Canadian government has just introduced rebates for vehicles that use less than 6.5 l/100km of fuel. The rebates amount to between $1000-$2000 depending on how much better, and yes, trucks are involved too (the limit is 8.3 l/100km).

The Honda Fit gets 6.6 l/100km as its rating. Exactly 0.1 away from the standard. Does Honda go and tweak the gearing just a tad to get under 6.5? No chance in hell. Instead, they sat and pouted like a 4 year old toddler who hasn't been given their pudding cup after dinner, and proclaimed the 6.5 figure to be arbitrary (it is, but that's not the point)- of course, the Toyota Yaris manages just fine.

And now, they're so giving and holy as to provide a $1000 incentive for buyers of the Fit to protect their market share. But are making it seem like it's for environmental purposes. The best part of the article is that Chris Travell is quoted as saying the program 'favors' Toyota- no, it favors vehicles that fall under 6.5 l/100km. It's that simple. But that's the media for you- they sure do love Honda up here in Canada.

What a spin huh?

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Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part is that you are missing the fact that Honda is upset with three things #1 the arbitrary number of 6.5... where did they come up with 6.5??? why not 6 and then neither qualifies? kinda fishy that just enough to seperate the fit from the yaris... #2 the lack of notice... its not like honda had an opportunity to make the changes when it was announced in march for their 07 model which was already available. #3 The yaris didnt have any of the standard saftey features that the fit did (equals more weight equals less efficient) therefore the government was supporting a car that was lacking saftey technology standard in this day and age for the benefit of green. so the government was saying we are supporting cars that you are more likely to be seriously hurt in because they get .3l/100kms better... yes .3l/100kms is going to fix our ozone.. stupid stupid stupid