20 May 2007

An Encounter That May Only Interest Me

I'll be posting a review of the 2008 Lancer fairly soon, once I get more than 15 minutes to actually write things down in a coherent manner.

In the meantime, let me regale you with a snippet of the conversation I had with the salesperson at my local Mitsu dealership- bear in mind that I actually WAS looking at the Lancer as a possible purchase for my mother, who is on the verge of trading in her Civic sedan-

Salesperson: So what other vehicles are you cross shopping?
MF: The usual; Civic, Corolla, 3, Sentra, Caliber, G5, Cobalt. You know, the compact class.
Salesperson: Well one thing we've got over the GM and DCX vehicles is our warranty and the fact that we are a stable company with no dangers or worries about bankruptcy.


Did I miss something along the way here? This is the same Mitsu that was on the verge of losing it all in North America not even two years ago?

Salespeople are so stupid sometimes.


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