24 October 2007

Autoblog Wants To Marry General Motors

John Neff at Autoblog reported on comments made by Honda chief executive Takeo Fukui about the concept Chevy Volt in a post today. Seems that Honda doesn't think there is much of a future in technology like the Volt, and is letting it be known. A few months ago, Toyota more or less said the same thing. Whether they're right or not isn't the point of MY post however. This is:

What bothers us about Toyota and Honda going after General Motors and its plans for the Chevy Volt is simply the fact that they're bothering to address the Volt at all. Stop worrying about what the other guy's doing and get to work on your own plan for saving the Earth from the evil of the internal combustion engine. We get it, you both aren't down with doing a plug-in series hybrid like the Volt. Then what are you going to do and where is it? Rather than claiming consumers aren't going to respond well to a hybrid that has to be plugged in everyday (yeah, who wants to get their fuel from the outlet in their garage rather than driving down the street for it?), quit yer yappin' and show us a better solution!
Umm, John? See those 15,000 or so copies of the Prius being sold every month? Or the Highlander hybrid? Or the Camry hybrid? Or the GS400h? Or the LS600h? Or the RX350h? What about the Civic and Accord hybrids? What about the Honda hydrogen concept cars that are actually being driven on roads? The stupidity of asking what Honda and Toyota are going to do regarding fuel consumption looms large over this article, considering the fact that both companies are world leaders in fuel economy and technology related to increasing it. Meanwhile, GM is only now rolling out the Two Mode hybrid system, and for years has bastardized the hybrid badge by using BAS crap. One good idea that has not come close to fruition does not make GM a leader in any sense of the word.


Anonymous said...

What you fail to acknowledge is that Toyota and Honda are currently one trick ponies. Yes, they have more fuel efficient cars than GM, they successfully took GM and Ford ICE and component designs, paid their engineers and desginers less money and beat a better product out of them. They are, on a apples to apples comparison, usually about 4-6% more fuel efficient in cars of similar weight. B.F.D. The Volt represents a HUGE improvement. If you believe the press releases, a 500% improvement. Lets say they overstated that.. and its only 300% is realistic... your failing to acknowledge the difference in plans for 4-6% verses 300% TO 500% Not to mention that Hybrids BURN LESS emission (the oerative word is BURN), not no emissions. Now if you will excuse me, I need to fill up my Hummer.

Mags said...

What you fail to acknowledge is... GM and Ford and Chrysler are...NO trick ponies.

Volt is vapourware until we see a car or the proper battery technology. Period. All the estimates mean NOTHING.

Michael Karesh said...

More to the point, how many years did GM, and to an even greater extent its fans, speak of hybrids the same way Toyota and Honda now speak of the Volt?