17 August 2007

More 2008 Accord Goodness

Shaping up to be Accord Week the way things are going around here. The pics show a couple of more angles of the upcoming coupe, with a couple of different touches including some skirting and a fairly large wing. The cut lines in the front of the hood play a much smaller role this time as well. My thought, looking at the presence of one tailpipe and the uplevel appeareance, is that this is probably a 4 cylinder EX version sporting the engine from the TSX that was mentioned in an earlier post.

Pictures from GM Inside News-

I pulled into my apartment complex after work and saw a car that I didn't recognize sitting in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure it's the new Accord and I snagged a few shots to get verification. Of course the emblems were taped over and the dash was covered with a towel. Also, the center caps of the wheels were bare. I live about 25 mins from the Marysville, OH Honda plant.


69Firebird400 said...

Thinking of switching from the Altima to an Accord this fall? :)

I'm a sucker for blue Accords (my 2004 is dark blue).

Anonymous said...

Looks busy, reminds me of the grand ams of the 90's. I don't like it, the interior is blah as well. To each there own, I guess.

Mags said...

I don't even need to sit in it to know that the coupe version delivers a healthy beating to the Altima coupe in looks.

The sedan? Too ugly for me.

neros_fiddle said...

It's probably a trick of perspective, but it looks like that Accord Coupe is almost as big as the Town Car next to it. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I just hope ugly is not catching and carries into the next TSX