17 April 2007

Further Proof Of A 5.0 Liter V8 Coming Soon To Infiniti?

Do a search on 'M50' at the US Patent website. The results are interesting. Especially the entry from Nissan.

Just following up with the earlier post about the future plans of Infiniti- in July of last year, a trademark was filed for 'M50', which falls into line with the news I had been told- expect a brand new 5.0 liter engine to be unveiled fairly soon (late this year or early next) in conjunction with a planned refresh for the Infiniti M. The engine choice will also be carried over into the FX lineup, along with the 3.7 slotted into the G Coupe.

In more Infiniti news, the Q is officially dead in North America- no more older 2006 models will be imported from overseas sources for dealers who want one or two on their lots (which is weird, since only one or two were selling per month, but I digress). The same source I have that told me about the future plans for Infiniti has basically said to expect a concept Q at Detroit next year, followed by the brand new Q50 back in the fold as a 2009 model, being released in late 2008. The 'theme' of the new Q will harken back to the first generation- more of a no holds barred shot across the bow of BMW and their 7 Series- Infiniti has learned their lesson and will not be trying to out-Lexus Lexus again. The basis for the new Q is to be a stretched and modified version of the M underpinnings with the usual laundry list of standard luxury features.

A more juicy couple tidbits of information is that they're juggling around the idea of offering a coupe version as well to go up against the 6 Series, and they're also thinking about offering a second LARGER engine choice for the Q. Good ideas indeed.

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